How Many Minutes To Boil Sweet Potato?

With their great taste and health benefits, sweet potatoes can be used in many different meals. One common way to cook sweet potatoes that lets you enjoy their natural sweetness and creamy texture is to boil them.

Finding the right amount of time to boil sweet potatoes, on the other hand, can be tricky. We will solve the question of how long it takes to cook sweet potatoes so that they are soft and flavorful in this article. This will make sure that your dishes are nothing but delicious.

How Many Minutes To Boil Sweet Potato?

It’s essential to know the right time to boil sweet potatoes. The actual cooking time will depend on things like the type and size of the sweet potatoes you use and how you cook them. These are some broad rules:

1. One-Inch Small Cubes

It should only take 10 to 15 minutes for sweet potatoes to be cut into 1-inch cubes. After 10 minutes, check to see if they are done, and keep boiling them until a fork can quickly go through them, but they are still firm.

2. Sweet Potatoes Whole

Billing whole sweet potatoes can take 30 minutes to an hour, however big they are. After 30 minutes, check on them and cook until they are soft.

3. More Significant Pieces (2-inch)

It might take 15 to 20 minutes to cook chunks of sweet potato this size. After 15 minutes, start looking to see if it’s done; if not, change the time.

4. When To Boil New Vs. Old Sweet Potatoes

Most of the time, new sweet potatoes cook faster than old ones. If you’ve had your sweet potatoes for a while, they might need more time to get soft.

Remember that you must stick a fork or knife into the sweet potatoes every so often to ensure they are done. They should be soft but not so weak that they fall apart. Since the exact cooking time can change, use the times given as a guide and make changes based on what you see.

How To Boil Sweet Potatoes For Different Recipes

You might need to change the cooking time a little depending on what you’re trying to make:

1. Sweet Potatoes Mashed

If you want smooth mashed sweet potatoes, make sure the potatoes are very soft. Place small cubes in the water and boil for 15 to 20 minutes. For whole potatoes, it can take up to 45 minutes.

2. Making Casseroles And Roasting

If you want to roast or put the boiled sweet potatoes in a casserole, you want them to be a little more challenging. For small cubes, cook for 10 to 15 minutes. For whole potatoes, boil for 30 to 40 minutes.

3. Stews And Soups

You can boil sweet potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes for small cubes or up to 30 minutes for whole ones before adding them to soups or stews. They will keep cooking in the stew or soup.

4. A Salad

Prepare the sweet potatoes for salad by cooking them for 30 minutes for whole potatoes or 10 to 15 minutes for small cubes.

Tips For Boil Sweet Potatoes

Ideally, boiling sweet potatoes can be an art, and doing it right will ensure they’re soft, tasty, and ready for your favorite recipes. To help you boil sweet potatoes exactly, here are some tips:

1. Pick The Right Sweet Potatoes

Pick fresh sweet potatoes that are smooth, firm, and flaws-free. Sweet potatoes cook more evenly and taste and feel better when they are new.

2. Wash Very Well

Run cold water over the sweet potatoes to get rid of dirt or other things before you boil them. A soft scrub with a brush can help eliminate things that won’t come off.

3. Take Off Or Leave The Skin

Pick whether you want to peel or leave the skin on the sweet potatoes. Some recipes may call for peeled sweet potatoes, but you can eat the skin and get extra nutrients.

4. Taking Out

Whether you cut the sweet potatoes into chunks or leave them whole is up to you and the recipe. It may be easier to handle some recipes if the pieces are smaller. They will also cook faster.

5. Use A Big Pot

Sweet potatoes need room to cook all the way through. Water the sweet potatoes to the bottom of a big pot.

6. Add Salt To The Water

Adding a little salt to the boiling water can make the sweet potatoes taste better.

7. Boil Without The Lid On

While it’s cooking, leave the pot open. This lets the steam out and keeps the water from boiling over.

8. Start Early To Check

How long a sweet potato cooks depends on its size, how fresh it is, and what it will be used for in the kitchen. Check to see if it’s done a few minutes before the time given.

9. Pick Up A Knife Or Fork

Put a fork or knife into the sweet potatoes to see if they are done. When done, they should be easy to cut without any resistance.

10. Change The Time Of Cooking

It’s good for sweet potatoes to be soft without coming apart. If they still need to be done after the suggested time, keep cooking them and check on them often to ensure they are still soft.

11. Stay Cool In Cold Water

Putting the sweet potatoes in cold water right after cooking them will help them cool down quickly. In this way, the cooking process is stopped before they get too done.

12. Think About The Culinary Goal

Remember what you want to do with the sweet potatoes once they are boiled. For smooth mashed sweet potatoes, they should be very soft. Casseroles, soups, salads, and roasting should be more complicated.

Finding out how long to boil sweet potatoes is the key to making sure your foods taste as good as you think they will. The tips in this article will give you the information and confidence to learn how to boil sweet potatoes perfectly, whether you want to make a hearty side dish, a creamy mash, or something else in the kitchen.
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